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What is a Volatility Contraction Pattern?

A volatility contraction pattern is a technical analysis pattern that occurs when a security’s price experiences a period of lower volatility and narrower price ranges. It is also known as a consolidation or tightening range. This pattern is formed when there is a temporary equilibrium between supply and demand for the security, resulting in price consolidation.

Using tradingview for Volatility Contraction Patterns

TradingView is a popular platform among traders and investors for technical analysis. It provides various tools and features to identify and analyze market patterns, including volatility contraction patterns.

To find volatility contraction patterns on TradingView, you can use the built-in screener. The screener allows you to filter and scan for specific patterns based on different parameters such as price, volume, and technical indicators.

Steps to Use the Volatility Contraction Pattern Screener on TradingView

1. Open TradingView and navigate to the screener page.
2. Customize your search criteria by selecting the desired time frame, market, and any additional technical indicators or filters.
3. On the screener page, enter “volatility contraction pattern” in the search bar.
4. Apply the filters and click on the “Scan” or “Search” button.
5. TradingView will display a list of securities that meet the volatility contraction pattern criteria based on your selected parameters.

Interpreting the Results

When using the volatility contraction pattern screener on TradingView, the results will provide you with a list of securities that have recently exhibited a volatility contraction pattern. These patterns signify a period of decreased volatility and potential consolidation, indicating a potential upcoming breakout or breakdown in price.

It is important to conduct further analysis and consider other factors before making any trading decisions. You may want to look at other technical indicators, support and resistance levels, and fundamental aspects of the security before entering or exiting a trade.


The volatility contraction pattern screener on TradingView is a useful tool for identifying securities that exhibit consolidation and potential upcoming price movements. By combining this information with other technical and fundamental analysis, traders can make more informed trading decisions.

Remember, trading involves risk, and it is crucial to conduct thorough research and consider multiple factors before making any trading decisions. The volatility contraction pattern screener should be used as a starting point for analysis and not as the sole basis for trading decisions.


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